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Animal Rescue Juice: Four Paws...Four Flavors

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:from Joe ( Owner of Blaze Vapor )

I am writing this Blog today to explain a little about this line that is so dear to my heart. I want you to truly understand why I created this line.

I have been doing Animal Rescue for well over a decade and have seen first hand the disgusting reality of Animal Abuse and neglect just in NY alone. I started out just donating to different groups like most of us do without really seeing or being on the streets and seeing it live. One day I was watching TV and happen to catch the show Rescue Ink. It was about a bunch of bikers who rescued animals and would knock on peoples doors and "straighten them out". I immediately related and said I need to donate to these guys so I went on the website to see a telephone number to call them and make a donation.

To my surprise, the star of the TV show, Joey Panz, answered the phone. I saw they where located here in NY in an area called Howard Beach. Howard Beach is known for being mostly Italian and ...well...connected if you know what I mean.

I had a pretty long conversation with him and said I wanted to do more then just donate. I started doing fund raisers at bars and had the entire cast coming down. I raised a ton of money at each event. People brought food, blankets, toys and of course..money.

I then started doing investigation on Dog Fighting rings. What I'm about to tell you is pretty disturbing.

After a while just from looking at a location you could see a ring from a mile away. They way its setup, the cages, etc. Well these pieces of garbage caught on that we caught on and they started doing what they call "Trunking". Trunking is a mobile Dog Fight that they put two Pits in the trunk of a car and drive around. When the dogs stop barking they know one dog is dead and the "winner".

It is beyond disgusting. 

Since doing all this with Rescue Ink I was on Facebook and was having people all around the World adding me. I would get requests all the time and EVERY time I went to them to discuss the situation for rescue I would get this...

"Does the dog have food? Does he have shelter? Nothing we can do"

I got so disgusted that after a year I quit and told the two women I had a weird feeling. Within a year the show got cancelled, they all got indicted and went to jail. They where not bikers but paid actors. It was all a scam and The National Geographic Channel pulled the show. All the money raised went into their pockets and never helped animals. In fact, during Hurricane Sandy they never evacuated the shelter and the animals there drowned to death. I could go on but you get the point about them.

So being beyond disgusted I stopped doing rescue for about a year but couldnt stay away.

I went back on Facebook and found two local rescues that I was going to start working with.

To make a REALLY long story short they where scams also.

At that point I created my own rescue but my goal was different. I was going to change the Animal Abuse laws in NY, investigate Animal Rescue Groups and also rescue animals. I had enough.

Within a few months I sat with local Legislators and personally re-wrote the Animal Abuse Laws for Suffolk County, NY.

I wasnt done yet. I then started investigating "Rescue" groups. As if this World isn't twisted enough believe it or not but there are a ton of rescue groups that are total scams. They don't show their taxes, money doesn't go to the animals, etc etc etc.

I made a name for myself locally but again..wanted and needed to do more.


This line is so important as it can help so many. Animal Abuse and Neglect has to stop. It must. The situation is beyond critical. There are so many sick people out there that do things to animals you cant imagine. We need to help the animals. We are their voice.

I created 4 lines. One for each paw and 2 of the flavors are dedicated to my two cats that recently passed away. Saki and Shots. Just two of the best damn cats you could ever imagine.

My goal is to take this line Worldwide and really make a difference but I need your help. These four flavors really are kick ass on top of everything else and I know you will enjoy vaping them. I wouldnt do this unless the flavors where amazing. 

All I want is every month to donate and help these animals. I will constantly post photos and updates for you to see that we are making a difference. I want you to feel good that you are making a difference and know we are doing the right thing.

I welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy not only the juice but the feeling you get when you see the blog.

Thank you again and lets change the World.


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