Benefits of vaping

We have heard a lot of reasons to quit smoking. However, we know this is not an easy task because of the nature of the situation. Currently, an alternative to smoking is vaping, which has been in the spotlight for several years. Although it still faces social stigmatization, there are also so many benefits of vaping. 

Well, exploring a little, we discovered some benefits of vaping and how it can be an alternative for smokers who want to improve their health.

It’s safer than smoking! 

There is a lot of misinformation about the safety of vaping. Studies show that vaping is 95% healthier than tobacco cigarettes.  Liquids contain far fewer chemicals than cigarettes. Also, when you vape, you’re more likely to succeed in cutting down or quitting. Electronic Vaping users see health benefits very quickly: lower blood pressure, easier breathing, improved immune function, improved taste and smell, and improved lung function.

Variety of flavors. 

You will never get bored because there is much more variety than traditional cigarettes. You can have a full range of flavors, from tropical to fruity, or even menthol and tobacco. Likewise, you surely can have a different flavor every day and never get bored with vaping! 

You can control your consumption standard

Tobacco use is harder to reduce over time. Most e-liquids offer different concentration options, so you can control your nicotine intake regularly. You’ll even be able to gradually reduce it, which is virtually impossible with conventional cigarettes. Choose wisely, depending on the need you have. If your mission is to quit smoking, you can go for non-nicotine liquids. 

No unpleasant odors

One of the advantages of vaping is that you, your clothes, your house, and your car won’t smell bad anymore. Vaping does contain an aroma, though it is far from the smell of stale smoke. Even vaporizers that taste like tobacco don’t even smell like tobacco. For many people, the scent of vapor is barely noticeable. And the people around you who are not fond of smoking will not be bothered with you.

Vaping is cheaper than cigarettes

Though a vape costs more than a cigarette, vaping pricing is way cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes. The average price of a mid-level device suitable for beginners is $30. You can get e-liquids with almost any budget, from less than $1 for 10ml to over $10-15 for 10ml. For a high-quality, well-priced e-liquid, you should expect to pay around $8 per 10ml.

The average vaper spends around 10ml of e-liquid a week. It’s only $430 a year. 

Electronic cigarettes as prescribed medicines

England will now become the first country to prescribe e-cigarettes as authorized medicines. It will be mandatory for e-cigarette manufacturers to submit their products to the regulatory approval process that all medications available on the health service must go through.

Sajid Javid, England’s health secretary, agrees with this proposal and points out that in 2019 almost 64,000 people died from smoking. The government is determined to seek better alternatives to eradicate this habit.

Vaping is not smoking.

The main difference between vaping and smoking tobacco is that vaping does not involve burning. That process creates toxins that may cause serious illnesses. Vaping is different because the device heats a liquid to produce an aerosol (or a vapor) that is not harmful. 

So, here’s the situation: there are a lot of benefits to vaping. You’ll be able to enjoy it on your terms and have amazing experiences. Choose what is best for you and stick to it. Explore vape products in specialized stores and web portals (psst! you can try ours!). 


All you have to do is look for the ones that match your lifestyle.

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