Does vaping make you lose weight?

Often when people start vaping, they question the impact that their new hobby may have on their weight. For some people, the question “Do vapes make you lose weight?” might appear. It’s not a very common question, however, it’s important to talk about it. There is a stereotype of a smoker who decides to quit smoking and his appetite increases and so does his weight. Normally, this is associated with nicotine consumption.


So, let’s find out if vaping can indeed make you lose weight

To fully understand whether vaping has any effect on weight, we must analyze the effects of nicotine on the human body. Especially on the metabolism that is responsible for transforming food into energy. This can have a major impact on weight. 


Does Vaping Suppress Your Appetite?

The nicotine contained in the e-liquid accelerates metabolism and suppresses appetite. It can be a good way to distract yourself from snacking. Nicotine consumption through vaping is more popular now, especially among those trying to quit smoking. Some people believe that it can help suppress hunger, but is this a real situation?

There is no concrete evidence that this activity suppresses appetite. However, some people claim that it does reduce their hunger cravings. This is because smoke vapes deliver nicotine directly to the brain, which may have a small appetite suppressant effect.

How does nicotine suppress it?

It reduces your sense of taste and smell, so you lose a bit of the pleasure of eating. It also keeps your mind focused on vaping, so you don’t think about food as often.

It can also activate a pathway in the brain that changes the mental structure, so you don’t feel hungry. An additional fact is that inhaling vape produces blood vessels to decrease, which causes an imbalance in the stomach that reduces the desire to eat food.


Keeping your life in balance does not depend on a single habit or action. It is a chain of decisions that it is important to make consciously every day. Use vapes to lose weight is not an effective way to control it in the long term. If your main interest is weight loss, you can achieve and maintain it with numerous tools, such as healthy food choices, physical activity and medical support when needed.


Here are two tips for putting your life in balance and not depending on vaping to keep your lyne:

  • Get moving: Movement is a good way to improve your mood and help you deal with cravings, and it can also facilitate you to avoid weight gain. Even moderate exercise (30 minutes a day) can encourage you to keep your weight under control. Moving is one of the keys that can replace vaping as an option to lose weight. 
  • Motivate yourself: If you love to vape and also want a healthy weight loss, keep what motivates you in mind to remember your goal and the things that makes you want to lose weight. 


Finally, we understand that vaping will not magically make us lose weight.You have to complement it with another alternatives to achieve this. Vape responsibly and, above all, with high-quality products like our BLAZE vapors. 

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