Unique Crush Disposable Devices

Blaze Vapor has some of the best crush disposable devices in the e-cigarette form. If you are looking out for ways to quit smoking, this is an effective solution. Apart from that, if you are not fond of nicotine, you can try out the vape or electronic cigarettes that reduce the inhalation of tar.

Types of Crush Disposable Devices

Vapes are the newest form of cigarettes that are changing the outlook on smoking. The toxicity is reduced and health is in check while producing the device. So, it is far more healthy than any of the nicotine items. Now, Blaze Vapor has some unique flavors and variety to choose from. So, check them out and switch to electronic cigarettes for better smoking.

Strawberry Mango


Strawberry flavor brings a tangy and sweet taste to your mouth while mango reminds you of the sweet summer. Using this vape will not just make you leave cigarettes but help in leaving cigarettes in a good way.

Strawberry Kiwi


Like the strawberry mango flavor, this strawberry kiwi-flavored crush vape is also a stunner. So, you can also check out this vape by Blaze Vapor. It is the best seller among people who love strawberries.

Pina Colada


The perfect Mexican vibe in a crush vape! Quiet an interesting combination. But it is available with us and you can grab yours soon from us.

Perfect Peach


Peach and its perfect ripening have everyone’s sleep. But, curating the flavor in our most sought vape devices is perfectly done. So, try out this perfect peach by Blaze Vapor and experience something new.

Blue Iced


The summer calls for something cool and breezy. The blue iced is perfect for the season. After inhaling it will give your mouth a cooling sensation.

Black Ice


Blaze Vapor has the perfect blend of flavors and keeping the blueberry variety in mind, this one is launched. It is another stunner among the crush disposable devices.

Fresh Mint Iced


As the name says, it actually tastes and feels. If you are fond of fresh breath, this mint-flavored vape is your ideal electronic device.

Blaze Vapor has 16 types of crush disposable devices to choose from. So, you will get to explore a lot in vape. If you are still not sure about what to choose, you can contact us through our customer care. Whether you are new or looking for something new, our team will explain each device to make your purchase effective.