Explore the Latest Drip Disposable Devices

Blaze Vapor aims to help people quit smoking cigarettes by introducing some quality vapes. Unlike cigarettes, with vapes, you are not consuming tar or carbon monoxide entirely. The amount of nicotine is reduced in vapes or electronic cigarettes. Along with a portion of nicotine, there is propylene, and flavors are added. So, if you have the intention to withdraw your cigarette but could not do it right away, Blaze Vapor has some good news for you.

Blaze Vapor has 11 flavors in its drip disposable devicesSo, if you are looking for a perfect e-cigarette to replace your old cigarettes, they are ideal. Now, let’s take a brief introduction to e-cigarettes.

Berry naughty

The mixed berry flavor is the show-stopper item from Blaze Vapor. If you haven’t tried this yet, you must try it now. 

Black ice

Blueberries will taste even better with our brand-new black ice vape. The frozen cooling sensation will blow your mind once you try it.

Perfect peach

The country soul craves a fruity flavor. That is why we brought peach-flavored drip disposable devices for you.

Premium tobacco

We have the premium tobacco flavor vape. So, if you are trying hard but cannot get rid of the old smell and taste, this vape will solve your problem.

Red apple iced

A cooling sensation with the apple flavor- sounds interesting right? And now it is available in your vapes with our red apple iced vape.

Strawberry gelato

You will get the exact strawberry ice creme vibe in this vape. So, if you want to taste the flavor of the greatest European dessert, then try it for sure.

Tulum vibez

Nothing can be a better combination than strawberry and pina colada. So, try out this new flavor by Blaze Vapor and leave toxic smoking effectively. 

Wild grape

Who can ignore the taste of grapes? No one. So, we have introduced the flavor in your drip disposable devices. Try it out and let us know your experience.

Fresh mint

No matter what you try, you cannot ignore the fresh and cool feeling of this e-cigarette. And if you are yet to try it, this should be a must-try item for you.

Yummy gummy

The memory of cute gummy bears from your childhood is present in the yummy gummy drip device by Blaze Vapor. Want to leave smoking with childhood memories that would never be so interesting. But now it is, only with us. 


This marshmallow vape will bring back the old memories of your childhood. The fluffiness and delicious flavor can be experienced in this vape. So, get yourself a vape of this flavor and quit smoking effectively.

All of these 11 flavors are available on the website. Anyone above the age of 21 can buy and try something new.